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November 2022 Tarot Reading

Updated: Nov 4, 2022


Welcome to November and thank you for stopping by my November 2022 Tarot page. We had a solar eclipse last month and eclipses always come in pairs, so it is not so surprising that we will experience a lunar eclipse on the 8th of October 2022. Eclipses are a harbinger of change. Nothing to fear though because eclipses puts us on the right track in life and it does so with a sudden jolt which may seem unpleasant but if you look at the bigger picture , you will realize that it is a shortcut to put you on the path you were always meant to be on. I am going to post the November Tarot Readings for each sign and please remember these are general messages but it will cover the aspect of the eclipse and the shifts that you can expect in the next year . Remember, the shift in the energy caused due to a Eclipse is not necessarily bad. I see water signs being most effected positively due to this end of year eclipse duo. Go ahead and check out the tarot readings for your Sun Moon & Rising signs. Happy November to y'all!

Aries : Unexpected new beginnings in love :

Taurus : This separation is temporary :

Cancer : This player wants another chance with you but you don't trust them

Gemini : Two options in love ! who will you choose?

Leo : Good things coming your way! Don't give up now!

Virgo : WARNING !!! Be careful of this person

Libra : Some people don't deserve a second chance ! you are going to meet a new soulmate soon

Scorpio : November is your month!

Sagittarius : This person wants to reconcile but you want to go slow

Capricon : Finally ! seeing the red flags in the past situation ! New love is here

Aquarius : Something shocking is being revealed to you

Pisces: Fabulous month for you in love & finances!

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