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Weekly Tarot Reading - 8th July to 14th July 2024

Aries Leo Sagittarius weekly tarot reading

- new beginnings, new opportunities, breakthroughs in stagnant situations, clear communication, incoming message, sudden insights or ideas

- happiness and abundance surrounding you this week

- new job, financial opportunity, message coming in or an apology

- stable new offer, a small beginning that will lead you to abundance later so don't ignore any new offers

- your mother or wife will be significant this week. Spend more time with them

- emotions may be a bit overwhelming. Healing from a disappointment or heartbreak

- some blocks or challenges may present itself but don't give up. Nothing you cannot handle

- success, recognition, you will be in the spotlight, victory in all situations, coming out of a challenging situation like a hero, feeling good about your achievements

Taurus Virgo Capricorn weekly Tarot Reading

- celebrating something with friends and loved ones, going on a date, having a good time with friends, socialising a lot this week

- a new job business or financial opportunity coming in

- be careful of people trying to manipulate you or steal credit from your work. Some people working against you behind your back especially at work

- stand up for yourself and don't let these people take advantage of you. Fight for your rights

- some one toxic you may be dealing with. You will decide to walk away from this person or emotionally distance yourself

- big sudden changes, endings but there is also a new beginning this week

Aquarius Libra Gemini weekly Tarot Reading

- relationships will improve and will deepen

- you may feel a bit stagnant this week. You need to change your perspective. Need for clarity to move forward

- be careful of possible aries leo Sagittarius who is hiding something from you. Something going on behind your back. If you suspect something be bold and take action or clarify things before it is too late.

- money, finances look good and stable.

- you will be spending a lot of time with family this week

Pisces cancer Scorpio weekly Tarot Reading

- someone from your past may reach out to you this week

- you may not be sure if you should encourage communication with this past person or not. Listen to your intuition

- be bold this week and take decisions without fear

- someone who is in & out of your life is coming back in but they are not reliable. May leave again

- clarity, new opportunities, communication and breakthroughs this week

- a new beginning financially. Maybe an investor or a promotion or a new project offer

- a passionate new beginning with a Taurus


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