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11th April 2024 Daily Tarot Message

Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️

- this could be a confusing time for you. Lot of options and temptations may distract you. Avoid making long term plans when you are not sure. This is a temporary phase , you will move towards calmer and stable waters soon

- ⁠some of you have some kind of fear blocking you from moving forward. Talk it out. There is a lot of success for you in the future. Don’t let your fears block you

- ⁠a new beginning is coming with a Pisces cancer scorpio who you have not been in touch with or separated from

- or this could be healing emotionally and taking a chance and new beginnings in relationships. Being more open and vulnerable

Taurus ♉️ Virgo ♍️ Capricorn ♑️

- you may renew a relationship with some one you were at odds with or had a falling out with

- ⁠healing from emotional or physical issues

- ⁠relationship healing too

- ⁠wishes coming true. Spotlight is going to be on you. You are going to be very popular

- ⁠new beginnings in relationships (someone from work)

- ⁠new career offers in work

Aquarius ♒️ Libra ♎️ Gemini ♊️

- new beginnings. New offers. Taking a leap of faith will help. Move out of your comfort zone. This is the universe offering you something good. Karma is on your side

- ⁠abundance in money

- ⁠new beginnings in relationships and career

- ⁠any imbalances will be balanced or should be balanced. If you are putting too much effort into one area of life and ignoring the others, you need to pull back. Universe is bringing balance in your life

Pisces ♓️ Cancer ♋️ Scorpio ♏️

- feeling low , lack of energy or just feeling too bored and disinterested. This energy will pass . You will feel better soon. You are healing. If you are tired because you feel you are not achieving your goals, it is not true. Your wishes are being granted. Have patience

- ⁠new beginnings in relationships or new creative offers are coming your way but your past disappointments or some fear is blocking you from giving it your 100%

- ⁠money looks good. You are climbing the ladder of success. Living a financially independent stable luxurious life

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