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18th April 2024 Daily Tarot Message

Aries ♈️: your message is LET GO. You are dealing with some disappointments or something that broke your heart and you have to heal from this . Something is being renewed for you but you need to really focus on letting go of the past baggage. A passionate or creative new beginning is on the horizon but you need to first heal. There are people around you who want to or can help you. A lady with a child is going to be significant for you or a woman from your past maybe . The above message could be in career relationships health or life in general

Leo ♌️: very specific message from the universe. Big changes can be expected. I see a ending and a new beginning. Some of you maybe feeling a loss of money maybe or are involved in a court case? Don’t forget your worth. I see a new start for you. This maybe a small start but it is stable and will give results in the long run. There is going to be a peaceful resolution in every situation for you . Your mother / wife will be in focus during this time in some way or this is someone who is a mother . Scorpio ♏️ is significant sign

Sagittarius ♐️ : a new path is opening up for you in relationships or work partnership. You are moving forward quickly but listen to your intuition. Keep your plans to yourself for a while. A lot of good is coming to you so be patient and wait . Use this waiting period to meditate and reflect on your next steps. Listen to your intuition. Pisces ♓️ cancer ♋️ is going to be significant

Taurus ♉️; i see a couple being significant here. Maybe your parents or this is you and your partner. I see some of you needing to consult a counsellor or a doctor. Whatever this is there is a big change happening but in the end it is going to be all good and balanced. The universe is asking you to be open to forgiveness. Libra ♎️ Scorpio ♏️ Aquarius ♒️ are significant for you

Virgo ♍️: if you are dealing with health issues, there is a new beginning or some new solutions for your problems. Take care of your mental and physical health . You are healing . A past person is also coming back ( possible Aries ♈️ leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️) the universe is affirming with a “ YES”

Capricorn ♑️: money looks good. Lot of success is in store for you. You have been feeling stuck stagnant but you are asked to release the burdens you have been carrying. It is time to let go and start a new cycle. I see things improving for you overall. End of a difficult cycle. Pisces ♓️ is significant

Aquarius ♒️: An ending is here or already occurred. I see you taking action and being very passionate about your goals. You may face some blocks but don’t let anything deter you. Stay on course and don’t give up. A new beginning/ opportunity is coming. You are asked to take a leap of faith. Universe says - A year from now . You can expect something around that time. Aries ♈️ is significant

Libra ♎️: pay attention to this ! Very important message. Beware of being scammed. I see some message from a false person who doesn’t have the right intentions. This could be money or your emotions but this person is trying to take from you. You are blinded by this persons charms and not seeing the truth. Listen to your intuition. Universe is asking you to RECONSIDER

Gemini ♊️: a new beginning is coming but you may be confused with so many options and are not clear. I also see someone dominating or influencing your decisions ( possible Aries ♈️) stay strong and don’t let your self be influenced or pressured. Make your own decisions. A new journey awaits. You maybe considering travelling or relocating. The universe is asking you to choose a new direction

Pisces ♓️: a lot of you are going to be appreciated and celebrated for your achievements. I see high honour and respect for you. You may feel challenged at this time and blocked but don’t give up. Balance will be restored. Karma is on your side. I also see a new offer or beginning in love. Universe reassures saying NO NEED TO WORRY

Cancer ♋️ i see a happy reunion with someone you love. I see a divine couple who is separated either emotionally or physically due to travel or distance but the universe is asking you to wait patiently because there is a happy reunion and celebration happening soon

Scorpio ♏️: someone you are thinking of will message you soon or someone has been thinking about you a lot and will message you soon. You are in a very powerful manifestation energy. Your manifestations are coming true. Let go of your fear and stagnancy. Look at things from a different perspective. I see a lot of happiness and abundance coming in soon . Don’t stop and continue doing whatever you are doing. You are on the right path. Leo ♌️ Gemini ♊️ Pisces ♓️ is significant

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