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29th April 2024 Daily Tarot Message

Weekly tarot message for Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️

- some of you going through a financial loss or if you are feeling a lack, the difficult times are almost over. You are at the end of difficult energies. You are releasing the burdens of the past and feeling ready to move on to something new ( when i say “something is coming to an end, please note that things don’t magically happen. The universe is supporting you with these energies but you still need to work towards this and take action. If you just sit in the same spot and expect things to magically work out, that’s not how it works) . The energy is available but you need to have the will and put action and if you do, you will get success is what this means

- ⁠some of you have been feeling low, lack of self confidence, feeling like everyone including the universe has been unfair towards you always. It is time to release these self deprecating attitude. Work on your self confidence and release past mental judgments and blocks about your self.

- ⁠travel is on the cards for you. Some of you are travelling across the sea or a water body

- ⁠you are going towards calmer waters

- ⁠lot of abundance in store for you

- ⁠growth and success in everything you invest your energy towards

- ⁠your wife / mother maybe significant. If you are a woman, something about your children or maybe a news of pregnancy is significant. If you are not pregnant maybe someone you are close could be

Weekly tarot message for Taurus ♉️ Virgo ♍️ Capricorn ♑️

- you are moving out of difficult energies and towards a new beginning. This week will be about starting over. Something new and adventurous is about to start or maybe you feel excited about things, more of a adventurous, can try everything streak. This could be in your career, relationships or life in general

- ⁠travel may be on the cards

- ⁠you are going towards a passionate or creative beginning and may consult someone with more experience ( like a boss or a elderly person in the family) .

- ⁠lot of success and recognition in store for you this week

Weekly tarot message for Aquarius ♒️ Libra ♎️ Gemini ♊️

- some of you have been fighting a lot of negativity, gossip, unhealthy competition in your job or home or people around you. The universe is asking you if it is worth fighting them? Some times it is best to walk away from people for your own sanity and peace. Doesn’t mean you are giving up or losing. Just means you priorities yourself and your peace of mind

- ⁠people gossiping behind your back are going to be exposed. You are going to have some clarity regarding what you should do and that will make you feel very light and free (energy wise) .

- ⁠some of you may be having issues with a mother, a friend or relative who is a mother or someone (irrespective of gender who is nurturing)

- ⁠a transformation or a change is happening in your life. Something ends a there is a new beginning after

- ⁠take this as the judgment of the universe and go with the flow

- ⁠a new beginning or an apology coming in

Weekly tarot message for Pisces ♓️ Cancer ♋️ Scorpio ♏️

- incoming communication from someone at a distance from you

- ⁠quick developments this week, a flurry of activity

- ⁠marred couples need to be careful of conflict

- ⁠there is a situation that you have been anxious about . There was a conflict in this situation or a third party interference. This situation is soon coming to an end. You may feel betrayed or backstabbed by someone. But this is a difficult cycle that is finally coming to a close

- ⁠a new offer or begging is on the horizon ( especially in love)

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