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Daily Tarot Messages - 10th July 2024

Aries Leo Sagittarius 

Relationship: some of you need to be very practical with regards to some decisions pertaining your relationship. There is a need for clear communication as well. Make sure you are not too detached emotionally which is causing issues in the connection. In which case a change of behaviour can improve the relationship immensely. You may need to talk to a counselor or a friend who can give you some perspective in this situation. For a few of you who are already seperated and talking to a lawyer, there is a ending soon and a new beginning of sorts.

Career: great success, recognition and fame is coming your way. You are going to be celebrated and praised for your work and efforts.

Health: be careful of addictions that may effect your health. Don't over indulge in food, drinks or harmful addictive substances. Don't take your health for granted. 

Taurus Virgo Capricorn 

Relationship: you may be at a crossroads not knowing what lies ahead for you. Some of you are feeling stagnant and not able to see a way forward. You may be seperated or may feel lonely despite being in a relationship. You may feel like being isolated from your loved ones and not feel like socialising much at the moment 

Career: you may feel like things are slow and stagnant. You are putting a lot of effort but things are not moving forward at the pace you may want it to. There is a feeling of imbalance and you are weighing your options. Some of you may have started looking for a new job or career opportunity 

Health: you may feel a bit restricted or scared to try some new health regime or something else health related but the universe is asking you to not hold yourself back when it comes to making healthy choices. Don't be too cautious or lazy and be more active physically and mentally. Emotionally it seems like a very good time for you.

Aquarius Libra Gemini 

Relationship: you will be in a very grounded nurturing energy. Relationship will be stable. You may be more focused on your family especially if you have children. There are breakthroughs in stagnant situations. Especially if a relationship seems to be stuck in monotonous routine, there is a need to do something different and be more spontaneous. Some unexpected messages may come in. 

Career: something is ending and there is a new beginning but there is a lot of stress around it. You may be worried about your future or your next job . This could also be a big change or restructuring in your company which maybe stressful. Try not to be too stressed and anxious.

Health: if you have kids, you may be very stressed about them and their health. For others, try not to be too adventurous causing health issues later. There is a energy of being a bit of a risk taking energy which may not suit your health. Be careful and responsible and avoid unnecessary risks 

Pisces cancer Scorpio 

Relationship: you have been expecting or waiting for something or someone. This is coming soon. You have been manifesting something good and it is coming towards you but you need to be more patient with your relationships. Don't expect overnight changes. Good things take time 

Career: you seem to be very anxious or stressed about work . There are some fears or a feeling of not knowing what to do. Go with the flow. Your wishes are coming true. You are on the right track so don't let your fears take over. 

Health: some of you have been facing some health issues but you are headed towards stability. If you are looking for some solutions for your health, you will find a good stable solution that will benefit you in the long run. You are on your way to recovery. Your family will be a source of support in your healing 


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