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Daily Tarot Messages - 11th June 2024

Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐

Aries ♈ you care deeply. You are kind and sensitive but you also need to learn to express yourself more freely. There is something you are holding back on. You could be dealing with a Pisces or a Scorpio. Your hidden feelings or thoughts are what is keeping you stuck and stagnant. Open up and release those feelings without fear. Universe assures you that there is ABUNDANCE coming your way

Leo ♌: you are in a very self confident energy, very passionate and enthusiastic like a leo should be. However, something sudden may shake things up a bit. This could be some sudden changes, endings , revelations or a change of perspective. You may feel very unsure and confused when this occurs. The universe assures you that THE SITUATION WILL IMPROVE. So don't worry and hang in there

Sagittarius ♐: you are in a very emotionally happy energy, spending time with family friends and loved ones. A significant change is happening in your energy which is bringing and end of past burdens. Release the baggage, a new cycle begins. Universe message says : something significant will happen A YEAR FROM NOW

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑

Taurus ♉ : there is a lot of celebrations in your current energy. There is balance and happiness. This could be a happy relationship or personal progress or a work achievement you are or will be celebrating. There is a Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐ that is going to be significant for you. Beware of negative people around you. These are those who are jealous of what you have and are spreading gossip and rumours about you. Stay away from the drama. Universe assures you that THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER

Virgo ♍: There is someone around you who is a elderly person, maybe someone senior at work or in the family. Could also be Aries. This person is someone with a lot of experience. Your energy seems a bit stressed and unstable while dealing with this authority figure but you are going towards calmer waters. So you will get some respite soon. But the conflict persists. Although you may choose to stay calm, the issues will continue till you don't sit to resolve it once and for all. There is a energy of conflict, competition, interference in this situation. Universe advise for you is ASK FOR HELP FROM OTHERS

Capricorn ♑: Happiness, abundance, clarity is your current energy. There is a past person coming back. This could be a friend you lost touch with or someone you had a falling out with. Some of you are going to be a bit detached when this person returns. You will be very formal with them and not show much of your emotions. Universe asks you to WAIT

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊

Aquarius ♒ : A new beginning that is stable is coming towards you. This may seem like a small offer but it will bring a lot of abundance in the future. For some of you this is going to help you heal a past wound so this could be an apology coming from someone. Go with the flow and don't run away from your feelings or the situation. A Sagittarius ♐ could be significant. You may be tempted to ghost this person or ignore this situation but don't. Universe message says YES

Libra ♎ : some of you are dealing with a Virgo ♍ or are in a energy of trying to ground yourself and working very hard in your career as well as your family. You may be juggling multiple things at a time but don't take on too many things when you can't be everywhere at once. Try to balance your energy. Release judgements of yourself and others. Something in your life is being renewed for you. Universe message says: ROMANCE

Gemini ♊: you may be starting something new, learning new things or spying on someone, trying to find out more . Whatever you are finding out, you may choose to leave some situation or a person basis that. For some, you are learning a new subject or joined a course or finding more information about a course and not happy with your research findings. Money may seem a bit tight so try to save as much as possible. You may also feel a bit bottled up with your emotions because you are leaving someone behind. Universe message says PEACEFUL RESOLUTION

Pisces ♓ Cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏

Pisces ♓ : you may feel a bit guarded because you fear disappointment. You have been disappointed many times in the past so you are scared of getting hurt again. But Pisces, something exciting is coming towards you. This could be a message or a opportunity or a person ( Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐) . If this is an opportunity it is something exciting and you have not done anything like it before. Don't let your fears hold you back because it seems like taking a chance here is taking you towards a wish fulfilment. Universe message says IT'S UP TO YOU

Cancer ♋: some of you are looking back at something with regret. You miss someone or feel like you missed an opportunity in the past. There is a feeling of being tired, feeling betrayed by someone. I also see a lot of overthinking stress anxiety overthinking that is also making the problem look way bigger than what it maybe. Universe message says TRUST

Scorpio ♏: There is a lot happening below the surface. There are hidden feelings, secrets, deep emotions. A stable new beginning is coming towards you ( work or love) . A cancer maybe significant. Someone is also going to reveal their true feelings or intentions with you



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