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Daily Tarot Messages - 9th July 2024

Aries ♈ : you are going to be celebrating something soon ( personal or financial) . socialising, meeting friends and loved ones. Singles are going to be meeting and dating actively. A news of engagement or marriage. Maybe you are getting engaged or married.

Leo ♌ : some message is going to come in quickly, unexpectedly. This could also be a offer wherein you may have to make a quick decision. Unexpected or sudden travel is possible. Be careful of what you speak . Think before you speak or act. Don't take forever to make a decision at the same time don't be impulsive. Someone may say something to you that you may not like but don't react immediately. Be careful while travelling or driving, don't make haste.

Sagittarius ♐: a new beginning or a message coming in. Something seems new and adventurous to you. Don't have to be too serious all the time, it is ok to connect with your inner child. If you have children, you may spend a lot of time with them . Emotionally a happy time. Children bringing in a lot of happiness. Something new that you start is giving you emotional fulfillment. Time to enjoy the small and simpler things in life.

Taurus ♉: you may face some blocks or challenges but stay strong, this too shall pass. Stand up for yourself and don't let others bully you. Fight for your beliefs. You will overcome all challenges if you stand your ground.

Virgo ♍ : a time for rest and relaxation. You may not feel like doing much. Mentally and physically feeling exhausted. Take a break or go on a vacation. Take care of your health. Minor ailments may put you out of action for a few days. Time to prioritise your needs. Do what makes you happy. Some of you may be seperated from your loved ones or family. Time to heal emotionally and physically. Some of you, your sleep schedule is erratic. Get enough sleep

Capricorn ♑: Busy time at work. You are focused on mastering something. You maybe a bit work obsessed. Your boss is watching you so be careful of what you do at work. They are keeping an eye on you. Financial stability. You will be well rewarded for the effort you put in your career

Aquarius ♒: a financial offer or a new job opportunity. Stable financial future. In love a new stable offer that can be a serious relationship in the future. Some one may offer you a loan or investment opportunity

Libra ♎: financial abundance and independence. You will do very well in your career. Living a life of comfort and luxury. You may venture into working independently, freelancing or start your own business. Some of you especially singles will have a lot of admirers during this time but don't think you are looking for love or anything serious at the moment. You are just focused on enjoying your life for now

Gemini ♊: getting married or attending a wedding soon. Some of you may buy a house or thinking of a new home. Celebration in your life or a family celebration coming up soon. Singles may meet someone special. Happy times ahead.

Pisces ♓: looking back at the past with regret or disappointment. Missing someone. Feeling like you missed an opportunity in the past. You have opportunities coming in but you are not paying attention to it because you are busy looking at the past. Focus on what you have rather than what is over and gone.

Cancer ♋: there is some imbalance in your life right now. You are putting more effort than what is needed either in your career or personal life. If you are looking for a loan, you will receive it. If you need help, ask and you will get help. If someone is asking you for help, try to do whatever best you can

Scorpio ♏: someone who has been in & out of your life is coming back. This person is someone who is either very flaky or travels a lot and is never in a place. This could also be you having to travel a lot in the immediate future. If you are dealing with someone who is not committing or keeps disappearing on you, be careful, it looks like this person has other options and may cause a lot of conflict in the future. Some of you may have a fight with someone who is never present in your life and keeps disappearing from time to time.


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