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Daily Tarot Messages- All signs

Updated: 18 hours ago

21st September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

In the current situation i see you being in a very practical energy. You have clarity in thought and communication. You may come across as a bit cold or detached, especially in relationships. Your message from the universe is to also listen to your intuition. It is good to be practical but don’t disconnect yourself from your inner self. Even if you don’t want to show emotions, have empathy when you deal with others. Some of you are a bit disconnected from your closest relationship and there is a no contact situation with someone. Either way, work on your self and move forward slowly and make sure you also work on your relationships.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

In the current situation i see some feeling of not having enough, a feeling of rejection, a financial loss or feeling like you don’t have enough money, a sense of not being prioritised in a relationship. Some of you may have literally separated from someone recently and this has left you feeling disappointed with lack of self confidence. Your message from the universe is to trust in the higher power. You are protected and the universe has your back. Be your self. You are special and you just need to focus on your happiness, the rest will be taken care of by the universe.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

In your current situation you may have recently felt betrayed by someone. There may have been an ending, a break up or this could also be some of you feeling extremely tired (emotionally and physically) , i also see back issues which may have forced you to take bed rest for a while. The message from the universe is this difficult cycle is going to be over soon. A new cycle starts with new beginnings and fresh energy. For those of you who have had a break up, karma is on your side. For most of you there is your life is going towards a place of balance and peace. Legal situations will work out in your favour also.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

Your current situation is that of isolation, reclusive energy, just being by yourself and also spiritual growth. A lot of you just preferred to lay low not feeling like going out much . Some of you may also be separated from someone you love. The message from the universe is that there is a lot of fast moving changes that will push you forward. A lot of forward movement and success is in store but you have to get out of your head. You are so stuck mentally, you just refuse to see a way out. You are somewhere sabotaging your own blessings. Your destiny is in your hands so just get out of your cave and take chances and use the opportunities coming towards you

20th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

If some situation in your life has become stagnant or is not moving forward, it is because you need to realise something and see clearly. Someone has been creating a lot of unhealthy competition and petty energy around you. This person is jealous or just immature. You know that they are sabotaging or trying to sabotage your growth (this could be in love , personal family relationships , friends or colleagues at work) . You are asked to walk away from this person. Some fights are not worth fighting for. You need to withdraw your energy from them and share as little information as possible with this person. Protect your energy and also in some cases your money . The Angel message card says : NO

Significant signs: Pisces

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

Either you are spending a lot of money or giving too much of you energy to someone. Maybe you are overspending or over giving. You are asked to slow down. This is hard earned money and if this is about energy or attention , you are asked to slow down. Be cautious and prudent about where you are over giving . If you can do this, there is a lot of abundance coming towards you that you can truly enjoy. If this is you giving too much energy or effort to someone, learn to have control unless the other person is reciprocating equally. Be independent and by yourself sometimes. Your think you need a companion always and tend to overdo which causes a imbalance. The Angel message cards says : The situation will improve.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

You are very close to a wish fulfilment but don’t stop working on this. You seem to have become a bit complacent and you are asked to keep putting the same effort as before. Luck and fortune is on your side so make use of this energy and don’t get complacent. You can achieve so much more in your career and relationships. Some of you are also running away from a opportunity, your responsibility or your feelings. Don’t self sabotage your blessings. The Angel message cards say : compromise

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

You are at a very crucial juncture and have a very important decision to make. This is a decision that will effect your future so it has been a while since you have been at a crossroads wondering where to go next. The universe is asking you to be practical and detach a bit emotionally. You are too emotional and not able to make a fair judgment about this. If you feel necessary, take advice from someone you know will give you a very balanced opinion. The Angel message cards say : A year from now

19th September 2023

The good things coming towards you:

Aries ️: you are rising up and claiming your power. You are climbing the ladder of success and a lot of people are looking up to you and admire you

Leo ️: you are protected. The universe has your back. Spiritual growth is seen.

Sagittarius ️: you may feel stagnant but the good news is that this is only in your head. You are not actually stuck. Take action, make a choice and you will come out of this stagnancy

Taurus ️: Big changes and transformation can be expected. Endings are a way to clear things that are not working in your life. The universe is giving you a opportunity to start over.

Virgo ️: you are in a very powerful manifestation energy. Whatever you want will be yours so make sure you are thinking positive

Capricorn ️: a lot of abundance prosperity coming towards you. Some of you may get news of pregnancy

Aquarius ️: someone from your past is coming back. This is someone who has been in a no contact situation with you

Libra ️: you are elevating to a higher level of spiritual growth. There is a lot of learnings and surrendering to the universe. You are also learning to let go of the past and look at things from a different perspective

Gemini ️: new collaborations can be expected. You will be busy with people, socialising and working with others. Spending more time with the community group

Pisces ️: love relationships will get stronger or you may meet someone special soon

Cancer ️: karmic justice and balance in your life. Karma is on your side. Legal situations will be resolved in your favour

Scorpio ️: opportunities or communication coming in quick. You will have a busy time ahead. Travel is indicated. When opportunities come, make sure you take it quickly without delay

18th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

- Lot of success, forward movement, travel but be careful of jealous energies around you, petty fights are possible.

- lot of forward movement and communication. You are moving forward from a very difficult period to a relatively calmer energy.

- i also see you healing personal relationships with friends, family. Especially if you are dealing with a Scorpio ️, there is a lot of wish fulfilment in this connection with this person

- health looks good. There is balance in your physical and emotional aspects. If you have been unwell, you will recover soon.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

- you maybe very confused about the options you have at this time. Some of you are just too unrealistic and need to get more clarity about things before you make a decision.

- if you have any health issues especially emotional and mental health, i see healing energies. You are going to feel better soon. So hang in there.

- there is a wish fulfilment for you. So make sure you are manifesting. Even if you are not, i see a wish you had coming true this week

- you will feel very energetic mid week and be eager to chase your dreams.

- you also need to try to relax and take some time off from work. A lot of stress and overthinking could create more health problems.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

- leaving behind the difficult energies and going towards calmer waters. You could also be travelling.

- relationships are also the focus this week. If you have had issues in personal relationships with friends family partner etc i see it improving

- your luck is changing. Good messages, good fortune coming your way. Good times ahead.

- if you have been having health issues, you will recover. Some of you have had some hidden problems in health. You couldn’t figure what it is and neither could your doctors. There is clarity on this and this week will throw some light on what was really the issue and doctors will be able to treat you for the right problem instead of being in the dark

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

- you have been feeling stagnant stuck in some areas of life or in general

- i see a ending of that stagnancy. You have new beginnings and transformation happening.

- your intuition will be very strong this week. Listen to it . You may also be a bit reserved and reclusive

- there is a choice that you will have to make about your health but i see you healing and feeling better soon.

16th -17th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

You have been very guarded lately and some of it is because of some past hurt and disappointments. But you are now finally lowering your guards . You are open to taking chances and trusting of others. You are in a powerful manifestation energy so you can manifest anything you desire. Your relationship needs more attention. There is neglect and emotional distance between you and someone. Things will be ok but you have to heal some heartbreak and put effort towards this relationship if you don’t want to lose your closest people.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

- you maybe feeling a bit low, disinterested in general, not feeling enthusiastic or low on energy. Be careful of not missing out on opportunities because of your lack of interest.

- this maybe because you have been waiting for your rewards or to see results of your efforts for long time now and you have not seen any results yet. You could be beginning to feel disappointed, feeling like this is never going to happen. Trust in divine timing. Everything happens at the right time and you are exactly where you are meant to be. So don’t lose hope.

- you are going towards a place of balance in the distant future. You are going to get more and more confident about yourself . There is a lot of hard work in store but you are going to nurture every new beginning and get a lot of success for it in the future.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

You have been facing some challenge or the other lately. You are not giving up and continue to fight. You have the courage and the strength for it. So keep going and victory will be yours in the end.

- there is a situation or a person that you are not happy with. You are infact not taking any action even if you see the red flags and deliberately delaying a decision. You may have tried to walk away but always end up coming back to it (could be a relationship or career choice) . I see the universe making this choice and you will be forced to make a decision in the process.

- you will be a bit reclusive and maybe learning new things. Some of you in the distant future may take up a course and master it. This is going to help you a lot in your career or you may convert this into a money making business opportunity.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

- you are not able to let go of something. Your thoughts and intuition is clouded and so is your judgment. This is only creating blocks in your energy

- immediate future i see a difference of opinion or fight with someone close to you. Could be a boss, father figure or partner. There is a impulsive decision or behaviour that can cause more harm in the situation.

- letting go of things that have ended has been a major theme for you water signs lately. You are unable to let go of a person or a situation and this is causing you more stress. Learn to accept endings and move on for your own good.

15th September 2023

Starting today, Planet Mercury that has been retrograde since August will move direct. Mercury is the planet of communication and you may have faced communication issues or misunderstandings. Delays and blockages are now going to be lifted. There will be more clarity in thought and communication. Mercury retrograde effected every one differently but now that it is moving forward let us see how this is going to effect each sign

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

- new beginnings, clear communication, new projects etc will do well. Things that were blocked will start off in a small way and move forward

- some of you have been having relationships issues. You felt like nothing is working out and almost feared losing out on this person but now you are taking charge of the problems and will make a important decision about this relationship. Angel message says : No need to worry

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

- love & personal relationships with family friends etc definitely looks good

- there is a person (in career or relationship or friend ) who is very toxic. You may not have seen the red flags earlier but now you are going to clearly see how manipulative they are. This person is or has been causing you a lot of stress lately. You will now try to keep a distance and figure out how best to deal with them. Your Angel message says : Take Action

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

- past people, friends, relatives etc will reach out

- if you have children, matters pertaining to them will move forward

- new beginnings, new relationships are seen

- a wish fulfilment

- a big change. A ending and a new beginning

Your Angel message says : if you believe

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

- your wait is over. Whatever you have been waiting for is coming

- your manifestations are coming true

- some of you are headed towards a very happy relationship with someone you already know. If you are in a relationship, things will improve

- you may have a important decision to make about two choices. Universe is asking you to trust your path and go with the flow. Your good times are here . Fortune favours you

Angel message says: improving health / Trust

14th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Hidden factors :

- some one who is a elderly person (father or fatherly figure) in your family may be of prominence in the next few days. You could either be spending a lot of time with them or you may have to do something for them. This person is going to be in focus for you, one way or the other

- you may receive a message of concern about someone

- someone is expecting you to reach out to them. You may have forgotten about this but this person (a possible Pisces cancer scorpio) is expecting something of significance from you.

- new opportunities coming your way but don’t be careless in your behaviour and attitude.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

Hidden factors

- you are thinking about someone a lot but no one knows this. Else someone is thinking about you and they pretend like they don’t.

- there is a change happening or coming your way - a change in your personal or career or a change in place perhaps?

- you will receive sudden wealth, very unexpectedly.

- love and personal relationships could be a bit tense because of petty issues.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

Hidden factors

- lot of recognition appreciation coming your way through friends family loved ones or in career

- a big change is happening in your life. An end of something and a new beginning

- some changes in the home front. You could be buying, renting, moving or renovating. Alternatively you could be home a lot.

- you are going to be very busy. Juggling multiple things at once.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

Hidden factors

- some one is coming towards you expressing concern about you or some areas of your life. You could be approaching someone with some problems in your personal life or career and this person will be very concerned about what you are sharing

- you could be receiving money unexpectedly

- your marriage will be in focus . Singles could be meeting someone who could be a potential life partner. Couples could be focusing on their relationship and marriage (in a good or not so good way) .

- there seems to be some relationship problems but you will not be able to leave this person even if you want to . This person is either manipulating you or you are in a highly co dependent energy which is toxic and unhealthy.

13th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Your current situation: A feeling of stagnancy. You feel like your life is on pause.

Your immediate future : there is a new opportunity coming in that is going to excite you. This could be something creative or something you are passionate about or a romantic situation with a lot of chemistry

Your challenge: your challenge is a person ( possible taurus Virgo Capricorn) (possible feminine motherly person. Could also be a wife or mother or a boss ) there is a big change in your relationship with this person. Possible endings and new beginnings.

Your advice: stop looking back at the past. You are stuck in past regret . Move forward and be in the present.

Underlying issue : the way you are handling this situation needs a bit more maturity sensitivity and communication

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

Your current situation: there is a person or an opportunity in focus at the moment. This person could be a Aries Leo Sagittarius or could be someone you know romantically or through work or a friend or relative. This person is very charismatic, charming, action oriented, a natural leader.

Your immediate future: i see a celebration, a victory. You could be going out with this person. A lot of fun socialising or this could be a romantic date.

Your challenge: your challenge is a choice that you may have to make. This is a important decision because it will impact your future. So you could be feeling at a crossroads wondering which way to go.

Advice: your advice is to either consult someone who is a friend or a well wisher or to follow your heart and inner voice.

Your underlying situation: this is all about a passionate/ creative new beginning or opportunity.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

Your current situation: there is some clarity you are getting about a person or situation. For some , you could be thinking of a separation or divorce or maybe you are already a divorcee and are in a very defensive energy (defensive end guarded towards new people)

Your immediate future: is a complete transformation. You are shedding away the old and birthing a new life. Big changes and new beginnings.

Your challenge: your challenge is your impulsive reckless behaviour or speech.

Your advice: is to focus on your happiness. Do whatever makes you happy and be more positive. Life is beautiful and be grateful for your blessings.

Your underlying situation: there is some information coming towards you or something that may trigger you. This could also be a new beginning for you.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

Your current situation: there is a brand new beginning (financial or relationship) . This looks very long term and abundant.

Your immediate future: there is something toxic or someone toxic you could be dealing with. This person is either spying on you or they are trying to find more details so that they can manipulate you. They are not who they say they are. So be careful about who you trust.

Your challenge: your challenge is that you know everything. You are wise and yet you don’t use your wisdom to protect yourself. Listen to your intuition. Some of you are also too much in a shell and reclusive. It’s time to come out and act.

Your advice: there is a tower moment in your life that is bringing an ending. Let it go. Don’t hold on to things or people who are not meant to be in your life.

Your underlying situation: some one is wearing a false mask. For some others, these changes are happening in your romantic relationship or your partner.

12th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

You may soon receive an offer for a job or a career opportunity. This is something not very big but something you are interested in. You are asked to think about the possibilities before making a final decision. Think from a different perspective. Your usual approach won’t work.

Health looks fine but if you are going through some health issues, you will find the right help from a health professional or find a good doctor who will help you recover and give you the right solutions. Your romantic relationship may have gone through some ups and downs lately but you are going towards calmer waters so things will be relatively peaceful in the coming days.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

A lot of your wishes are being granted by the universe. Work life is going to be balanced. Health needs some careful consideration. You may have to make a decision between 2 choices. But whatever you choose, there is a positive outcome. So don’t stress about this . Romantic situation also seems good. I see a lot of options for singles. For couples things may seem a bit slow at some times and fast paced at other times. Just enjoy the moment.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

For some of you there is a major career change coming up. Either you are leaving a job or relocating to a new city state or country. Alternatively this could be a completely different job profile that you could be taking up. Your health looks good. If you have taken some tests, you will get favourable news. Good time to expand your family. If you are trying to get pregnant, this is a good time. Some of you need to simplify your lifestyle and go back to basics because you may be facing health issues due to a changed lifestyle. Kids health will be good and improving if they have health issues. Overall things are coming to balance in health matters. Romantic life looks a bit confusing. You may have many options in love but not sure of the future with any of them. You may feel like just being by yourself. A bit of a reclusive energy.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

New job or new opportunities coming your way. Do more research in the area of interest and you will do well. Some of you need to go back to college or do more studying in your current line of work. I see a lot of money and financial independence coming your way. Health needs a lot of work patience and discipline. Health has been a bit up and down but you are on your way to recovery. Some of you have been overworked and stressed that is causing health issues.. Some of you are in separation from your partner or are feeling emotionally distant. I see a feeling of lack and feeling like you are not prioritised and a feeling of rejection. Singles may feel lonely and have low self confidence at this time. Ask for help if you need it. We all need help from friends and family sometimes to feel better.

11th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Romantic relationships and business partnership will thrive. Planet mercury goes direct on 15th September so a lot of blocks that you faced before are going to ease away. Work is hectic but money is equally good . Overall a very good week ahead.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

You have put a lot of work into something and have been waiting for your rewards. This is coming to you this week or at least you will start to see the results soon so be patient. Your relationships and family life looks good. A celebration is in store for some of you this week. If you feel energetically stuck, there is going to be a flurry of activity this week so be prepared for this. Collaborations are expected on the work front.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

This week is bringing you lot of emotional contentment and happiness especially with family. There is a energy of being hurt from past disappointments and somewhere you have been guarded about the next steps in life but you are finally releasing some baggage from the past and moving forward. There is a lot of victory and success ahead for you. People are looking up to you and appreciating you for all that you do or have done.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

A very independent energy for you this week . Financially a good week. I also see karmic justice and balance in your life. For some of you this is a new romantic partner coming towards you and this could go towards a serious relationship or marriage for some. You will receive help when you need it. A lot of clarity and happiness coming towards you.

9th - 10th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

This weekend is all about fun, celebrations, new beginnings, new adventure, creative opportunities and passion and action oriented. You are asked to embrace this pace and go with the flow of things. Lot of communication coming towards you. For some there is travel but you are asked to embrace this energy of forward movement. What you need to let go of is your traditional views. Don’t get me wrong here. It is completely ok to be traditional but the universe wants you to just let go of things that may holding you back from just having fun. A good mix of traditional and modern may be the best way out. Some of you are too rigid and rooted in age old traditions and traditional beliefs that may be a bit outdated. Just keep an open mind this weekend, thats all!

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

This weekend is going to be a happy one! Lot of abundance, happiness, children could bring you a lot of happiness. You will have a lot of options for the weekend and that maybe a bit confusing. You may not know which option to choose. But overall a fun weekend. You need to let go of the fear of a ending or if there has been some big change or ending recently, you need to let it go. Change is inevitable and you can’t keep fearing it forever. What you need to embrace is the slow pace you are moving in. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Slow or fast, the important thing is that you need to move forward. So move forward and take your time with it. There is no rush.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

Your weekend maybe busy with work or you maybe very focused on getting things done or perfecting a skill. You will have a lot to do. It may not be exactly fun but you are not looking for fun. You are just in a very diligent focused energy. You may also travel somewhere close or far. Or you may have guests / friends visiting you . A period of change/ transformation is indicated . You are going towards much more calmer waters. What you need to let go is this energy of waiting for your rewards to come in. Stop waiting and focusing all your energy on it. It will come at the right time. Divine timing is at play here so let it come. In the meantime you continue living your life . What you need to embrace is a feeling of self confidence, know your worth. Ground yourself and embrace your nurturing energy. You are perfect the way you are.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

This weekend is a mixed bag. I see a good celebration energy but i also see heartbreak and end of a cycle. For some , you are getting over a heartbreak and trying to heal. What you need to let go is this player who has been so in and out of your life. Or temporary people who only use you for their benefit ( could be friends, family, colleagues, partner or anyone ) . What you need to embrace is this energy of putting your head down and working on your career, your self and your inner healing. You are asked to block people who take your goodness for granted everytime. Some of you have already blocked them but you need to stand firm on your ground. Stand up for yourself and your self worth because no one else will do it for you.

8th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

There is a general energy of feeling disappointed with either your career, finances or relationships. A feeling of not having enough or not being prioritised. Some of your plans may have come to a halt but the Universe is asking you to look at things from a different perspective for a solution to this stagnancy. Let go of your inner insecurity because i see a lot of celebrations for you in the future.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

You are moving forward. Lot of success and for some of you, travel awaits you in the future. Your manifestations are soon going to become a reality and there is nothing stopping you from moving forward EXCEPT YOU. There is a very restless energy that may make you react impulsively and rashly. Do not rush with anything. Go slow and wait patiently for things. Don’t try to control the outcome. There is a energy of self sabotage because of your rash decisions and behaviour. If you can control that, success awaits you in the near future.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

There is some truth coming out or some straight talk coming from you. This could either be you confronting someone about money or this is you confronting someone who has been a bit reserved from you. You are asking direct questions so that there is clarity. If this is about a relationship, you feel like someone has lost interest in you. Don’t worry. Better to ask directly than to keep guessing.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

There is a opportunity that is coming or may have come to you but it looks like you may miss this opportunity for whatever reasons and could be feeling very bad about it. This is a phase and you will get over it. If this is a relationship that you missed, this person will come back. Whatever is meant to happen will happen and whoever is meant to be in your life will come back to you.

7th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Lot of abundance, money, financial independence is on its way towards you but have to listen to your intuition while making decisions.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

There is a celebration soon. You could be celebrating a personal achievement or a career goal or this could be getting together with friends and loved ones and having a good time. Signifies good things coming towards you soon. The universe is asking you to be and remain positive

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

Big changes and transformation can be expected. You are shedding away the old and embracing the new. Endings and new beginnings. This is a process starting soon and you will see it’s effects for the coming weeks. Make sure you communicate clearly

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

Lot of practical decisions and choices. Lot of clarity and clear communication also coming towards you. Some of you may need to take help from counsellors or lawyers or someone who is practical and can give you good advice.

6th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

You are going to be in a very practical mindset with a lot of mental clarity and clear communication. Your challenge however is to juggle multiple things at the same time. You will have a lot going on simultaneously. Your advice is to keep working, keep going, keep fighting and don’t give up. Your time is changing and good fortune is yours. Your time is coming but for that you need to just keep going and not give up.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

Your current energy suggests that you are coming out of some haze. You have been unclear or wearing rose coloured glasses and now the glasses are coming off. You are suddenly seeing clearly and that clarity maybe a bit overwhelming. You may also be seeing red flags in situations and in people. Your biggest challenge is you are not taking any action despite knowing the truth. You know what to do and you promise yourself that you will take action but when it comes to doing it, you hesitate. It could also be a sense of denial about a situation or person. Your advice is to walk away from situations that are only draining your energy. Some situations are not worth fighting for and walking away is the only best choice.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

Your current energy is that of moving forward, success, communication, travel. Your biggest challenge is a romantic situation or a friendship or business partnership that is run into rough weather. Nothing seems to be working out. There is a energy of selfishness and self indulgent energy on both sides which is detrimental to this partnership . Your advice is to keep things cordial. There is someone else interfering in this relationship. Pay attention to the signs. If you both can let go of control and work together or agree to work together in a way where this partnership doesn’t turn toxic and cut off external influences from this relationship either from your side or the other person’s side.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

Your current energy is that of isolation, being reclusive, not socialising much, learning or mastering a skill or garnering knowledge about something. Your biggest challenge is this tendency of being stuck on something. This stagnancy could also be because of complacency. Your advice is to move away from the past and look at the present. Be more grateful for what you have than mourn about what you had in past. Staying stuck in the past is what is preventing you from moving towards new beginnings. Get out of your comfort zone

5th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Very fertile abundant energy surrounding you. You are growing and expanding and there is so much more for you today. Both work and home life looks good for you. Your energy also attracts others towards you (if you are single) .

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

You may hear or it is being revealed to you that someone has been working against you and you are finally choosing to walk away or emotionally distance yourself from this person or situation. For some others of you , this is your own self sabotaging behaviour wherein you were running away from a truth of a situation that was long over. You were avoiding taking action. You didn’t want to let go but you are finally realising that you deserve better and are walking away from someone or something

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

A good day for romance and business partnership. Singles could be soon meeting someone special. If you are already in a relationship, it is getting stronger and you could be having good moments with your partner. This could be business partnership or friendship also. Some of you have been manifesting a soulmate in your life and your manifestations are coming true soon . Strong Gemini energy

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

If you are new in a job or business, you are going to have many small victories today. Overall a very good day for finances and learning new things. You can start something new today and it will do well in the future. If you are studying or pursuing a hobby that will make you money in the future. Any research you do will bear good results if you use that knowledge productively. Also many people are spying on you through social media or other ways. Nothing to worry about but they are just curious to know what is happening in your life

4th September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

This week is about balance and karmic justice. Karma is on your side so if you feel things have not been fair for you in the past, the universe is bringing balance in your life. Legal situations will go in your favour

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

You are an energy of love this week. This week is about being caring, sensitive to others feelings and being very balanced with your emotions. People may be drawn to your sensitive nature and may feel comfortable opening up to you about their problems. Remember to also share some love towards your self. Scorpio ️ energy is significant for you this week

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

This week is going to be very successful for you. You could be in the spotlight for some reason. Your efforts will be appreciated and recognised by many. People will look up to you and seek advice from you. Admiration all around you.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

This week is about breakthroughs in situations, clarity , communication and new opportunities. If you need things done, this is the best week to initiate. Also a good time to talk about difficult issues if there are any.

3rd September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Today is a day for quiet reflection and rest. You will feel the need to prioritise your own needs before others. There is an offer coming in for you or maybe you want to offer or start something new but a past fear is blocking you from going all out and pursue this. Don't worry about the outcome and make the move. Take small steps if you have to but don't let your fear keep you from recieving this blessing. If you are separated or in a no contact situation with someone, you will hear from them this week else you may want to reach out to them and don't let your fear of rejection get in the way, they will respond positively.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

You will be on the move today or may be planning to travel soon. There is some stress and overthinking about the future plan . Some of you may be thinking of relocating or expanding your business or there is a choice that will impact your future in some way. For some of you this decision may impact your close relationships and that may be a cause of worry for you today. Don't panic . Just be calm and make a decision best for you. Everything else Will follow.

Aquarius ️ Libra ️ Gemini

You are in a very practical energy today. Some of you have been waiting for something for a while. This could be money related or romance. Whatever this maybe be, this wait may have been long and you could be wondering if this will happen. Some of you are beginning to doubt it but there is a new beginning coming. Whatever you desire is coming to you. Just be a bit patient and let it unfold naturally.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

If you have been feeling stuck energetically or unable to make a decision on something the universe is going to pass a judgment that will make things clear for you. Some of you are in a self sabotaging energy and you are finally moving forward instead of blocking your own blessings. For some others someone is being exposed and this is giving you clarity to move forward towards a new beginning. Big transformation can be expected in the next few days. Endings and new beginnings too.

2nd September 2023

Aries ️ Leo ️ Sagittarius

Your challenge for September: you have been working hard on your goals and have been patiently waiting for rewards, recognition. The problem is that you have achieved a lot of things you desire but there is still a energy of dissatisfaction. This cycle of wanting more and never being happy with what you have is your blockage. It is ok to be ambitious but don’t forget to be grateful for what you have

Your advice is to keep working, moving forward but also listen to your intuition when it comes to your goals. Your intuition is your biggest guide and teacher.

Taurus ️ Virgo ️ Capricorn

Your challenge is to release past burdens. You have been carrying a lot on your shoulders and it is getting heavier to keep doing it. Release this so that you feel light again and can start over. What is in the past is in the past. Don’t let it effect your present

Your advice is to start anew . Fresh energy, lot of passion is what is needed right now. Bring back the thirst for life. The world is your oyster and your drive and enthusiasm can make anything possible.

Aquarius ️ libra ️ Gemini

Your challenge is this energy of transformation. You are going through a energy shift and that could feel confusing, tiring and stressful but what you don’t realise is that you are going towards calmer waters. So don’t resist the changes coming in your life. Embrace it.

Your advice is to bring love into every situation. This includes self love and love for others. Be kind to yourself and others and this journey will be that much more easier.

Pisces ️ Cancer ️ Scorpio

Your challenge is your need to know everything. Some things take time to reveal. There is also a energy of being very defensive or guarded about things or people. Especially if you are a Cancerian. For some others, you are asked to find out more about your inner self and choices. You have a choice to make which you are hesitant about.

Your advice is to make a decision that is best for you. For some of you this decision involves leaving someone behind and that is ok. Do what is best for you without feeling guilty for choosing you and your happiness over someone else

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