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Daily Tarot Reading - 11th July 2024

Aries Leo Sagittarius

There is an energy of feeling stagnant and stuck. You feel you are stuck in a situation that you cannot come out of. This is an illusion. The universe wants you to remember that you always have a choice. This helplessness you are feeling is only in your mind. Physically you can take action and free yourself from this stagnancy. Tap into your inner strength and don't let your fears hold you back. You are stronger than you know. In fact the universe highlights your ability to manifest anything that you desire. You are capable, you have all that it takes, you have the skills and the tools. All you need is self belief and confidence to manifest the life you desire. Time to take action

Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Very work focused energy. You are trying to master something. This could be something at work or learning a new skill or further education. You may be attending a seminar or thinking of going back to college to upgrade your skill. There is a lot of recognition coming in for your efforts. Whatever you are focused on right now, continue working on it diligently. You will be collaborating with like minded individuals and will gain recognition for your knowledge and attention to detail. Abundance coming in

Aquarius Libra Gemini

An unexpected abundance. You will find help if you need it . Loans will also get approved easily. If there is someone coming to you asking for your assistance, do whatever is best possible for you. This is also a good time for emotional experiences. Singles may meet someone special. Existing relationships will improve. Your intuition will be at its peak so listen. A very spiritual time for some of you

Pisces cancer Scorpio

Use logic and structure in your life for a successful outcome. Some of you need more discipline in your daily habits. Too many things happening at once may overwhelm you but try to go with the flow. Positive changes coming in. There is Success in Whatever you take on. Some one from a distance could be reaching out. Expect communication. You will have to multi task . You could be traveling soon. Some one reaches out to you with an emotional love filled message. Aries and cancer are significant


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