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Daily Tarot Reading - 26th June 2024

Aries ♈ leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐

Some of you have been working hard on your career and finances, being very focused on mastering it but it has been very stressful for you. You have been anxious, stressed, unable to sleep well, worried about your future and in some cases overthinking about the problem. You are asked to be clear and practical while dealing with this issue. Have firm boundaries and don't overthink or stress unnecessarily. Some of you need to be firm with your stand . Be polite but firm. Cut off situations or people who no longer align with your energy and who are only draining you energetically. This is the only way you can come out of this block you are facing. Your wishes are coming true provided you deal with this with a firm hand and be practical with it

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑

Some of you are being asked to release some judgements about yourself or others. The energy is calling you to surrender because none of what is happening is really in your control. There is a completion of a major cycle in your life and a new beginning. You are moving forward but you have to stop thinking that you are stuck. You are not stuck, you just think you are. Your advice is to take a small step forward rather than focusing on taking big strides. A new beginning awaits you. Time to act now

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊

There are offers, both emotional or creative and exciting or adventurous but be careful of taking undue risks. Taking a leap of faith is a wonderful feeling and it takes a lot of courage to do so but the universe is advising you to take your time to think things through especially when you are dealing with your closest relationships or family members

Pisces ♓ cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏

There is some heartbreak and disappointment you are healing from. This has however made you very guarded about new beginnings. You are careful about what you say and what you share with whom. You are asked to go with the flow and focus on your healing. For some of you this is about an ailment you have been struggling with and are asked to do more research on alternative medicines or take a 2nd opinion and focus on your physical healing. You are advised to take a leap of faith towards a new beginning and be open to new experiences. Some of you can expect someone from your past who may reach out to you. Be careful of this person who is an unreliable person. They are only coming in because they are bored and want some temporary distraction with you


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