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Daily Tarot Reading - 2nd July 2024

Aries Leo Sagittarius

The universe is acknowledging the difficult experiences you have had to face. It however encourages you to forgive yourself and others and not keep yourself isolated from the world. Holding on to grudges is only depleting your energy. Time to heal past relationships and let go of any negative feelings. You are asked to Free yourself from external and internal cages. Many obstacles are created ourselves. Once you realise these books you can liberate yourself from them. The current energy encourages you to connect with past people, reconnect and reconcile, claim your life, be more confident. There is Abundance coming in provided you work on yourself and move past your blocks. Go with the flow. Energy is picking up pace . Your time is changing for the better. Be more positive and try to change your energy from brooding to happy

Taurus Virgo Capricorn

The universe indicates that there is a lot going on in your mind and you may feel uncertain about some decisions. Fear and worries could be plaguing your mind but you have a strong instinct. Follow your intuition. You know the answers but you may just need the courage to follow through. There is a possibility of a career change for you. A new opportunity or a chance to take on new or additional work responsibilities. Make sure you are not taking on too much which may end up creating an imbalance. Don't overcommit. Pay attention to your intuition and don't let your fears overpower you. Some of you may have to make a choice either with work or in a relationship. If this is a relationship, there may be two people involved and you may have to choose between the two

Aquarius Libra Gemini

The universe indicates that you are in a very powerful energy of manifestation. You are capable of fulfilling all your dreams and desires but instead of taking action, you are just sitting, thinking and waiting for things to happen on its own . It doesn't work that way. Manifestation involves having a vision, deep desire and also taking action towards these desires. Law of attraction is only complete when you back thoughts with action. So get going already. Be confident passionate and keep working on yourself and your dreams. You are very close to closing out a tough cycle so don't stop now. Don't be self critical and release all worries and judgements about yourself and others. Know that you are on the right path and trust that you are very close to your dreams coming true

Pisces cancer Scorpio

The universe is encouraging you to unlock your feelings. Some of you are going through a lot of unexpected changes and it may be a bit overwhelming but know that this is a new beginning for you. This transition may be uncomfortable but you don't have to hide your feelings and keep it all in. Sometimes we lock ourselves in our own self made cage of judgements . Unlock your thoughts feelings and emotions and free yourself from self defeating perceptions and fear of judgements from others. Some of you are overthinking a situation creating problems that don't exist. Stop! You are asked to be practical and heal from unhealed issues of your past. You are asked to release all baggage you have been carrying from your past experiences. It's time for a new beginning


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