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Daily Tarot Reading - 5th July 2024

Aries Leo Sagittarius

The good that is coming towards you: power, success, control, discipline, structure, respect and an upgrade. Some of you are getting a promotion

Challenge: your challenge could be clarity, communication problems, finding solutions to a problem, feeling stagnant in some areas of life, confronting the truth

Your advice: work on your finances, be patient with your goals, what you are waiting for is coming, let it come to you, work on your self confidence issues, be more positive

Taurus Virgo Capricorn

The good that is coming towards you: you are finally walking away from things, people or situations that are not working out for you. You are realising that you are not happy in a current situation and leaving something behind because you know you deserve to be happy. Some of you are emotionally detaching

Challenge: your challenge is to accept this change and transformation. It is not an easy decision and you may feel it is challenging to go with the flow and go towards a new beginning.

Your advice is to heal from this disappointment because honestly the only way is through it. A new beginning awaits but you have to heal before the new start

Aquarius Libra Gemini

The good that is coming towards you: balance, healing from disappointments, peaceful energy, going with the flow, you may be realising that you were overdoing something and are cutting back.

Challenge: your challenge is that you may be a bit pessimistic, feeling hopeless, not able to make peace with something especially when it comes to healing from a situation with a ARIES or this could be someone who is a elderly person ( a boss, parent, spouse, family member) . It seems like whoever you are dealing with may be a bit rigid and strict and there is a clash of perspective here

Advice: your advice is to be practical, detach emotionally and think rationally, be clear with your communication, tap into your inner strength, make bold steps, be patient

Pisces cancer Scorpio

The good that is coming towards you: you are getting help from unexpected quarters. Some one who was missing from your life may suddenly start participating more and showering you with a lot of attention

Challenge: your family life could be a bit challenging. Work may be busy leaving you very little time for your family

Advice: your advice is to be strong patient and tap into your inner strength and not be too impulsive. You are confused with many things going on but don't be impulsive or make decisions when you are confused. Take time to pause, reflect, and look at things from different perspectives. It is ok to take time to think and reflect rather than react and then regret it


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