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Daily Tarot Reading - 5th June 2024

Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐

Overall energy is that of stability, abundance, bulk money coming in, prosperity, family stability, divine protection

Career: in career, it seems like there is some stagnancy, a feeling of being stuck, not knowing what to do next. This however is just a mental stagnancy. You always have a choice. It is just a matter of accepting it mentally and then taking action towards it. You need to be more flexible and ready to take action. Some of you have lost your passion for work and you need to find a way to feel passionate and excited about your job again

Relationship: some of you have multiple options and choices in love . Some others are confused about your current relationship and there is no clarity. If you are married or committed be careful of temptations especially if your existing relationship is going through difficult times. Don't do anything that you may regret later. There is a heartbreak, an ending, a disappointment if you do let yourself astray .

Health: health is good. If you underwent some tests, you can expect good news

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑

Overall energy: be mindful of not self sabotaging your blessings. Some of you are running away from some truth, reality or opportunities. Some others of you are being too controlling and need to let go and not micro manage everything. Be carefree and learn to take a leap of faith some times

Career: you are going to be doing well in your career. Your past investments will bear fruit. You will stay dedicated and work focused at this time. Tap into your inner strength while making work related decisions. You are on the right path

Relationship: a passionate new beginning is coming towards you soon. This could also be a renewal of passion in an existing relationship

Health: some of you are either taking a wrong decision or there are people misleading you when it comes to your health. Some stress and other people's negativity could also be affecting you. Protect yourself and walk away from negative people. Maintain some distance from them if possible

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊

Overall energy: wishes coming true. You are healing from past disappointments. This week will be about going with the flow

Career: major changes are seen on the career front. Some of you are leaving a job and taking up a new job. For some others, there maybe a relocation to another city state or country. Communication related jobs will do well. Some of you may get projects from abroad. Overall there is a lot of success and forward movement

Relationship: some of you are feeling disappointed in a relationship. Feeling rejected or not prioritised by your partner. Same is true if you are married. Those of you who are single may feel a lack of support from your family. Low self confidence is also something you maybe struggling with

Health: health looks good. Those who are afflicted by ailments will recover well and soon. Lot of stability in health

Pisces ♓ Cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏

Overall energy: there is a new beginning, and adventure, a travel opportunity. For some of you a past person is coming back. You are going to be taking risks and a leap of faith towards anything new and exciting.

Career: career wise you are probably feeling a lack. Be careful of your money. Save as much as possible. You may not get as expected. There are some blocks and challenges but nothing you cannot handle. Stand firm on your path, this will pass.

Relationship: big changes, and ending and a new beginning. Some renewals too. The course of your relationship is changing in some way. Divine timing is at play here. whatever you are going towards is looking good however. For some a relationship that you thought was over is being renewed. Bad times are being replaced by good

Health: forward movement, success, good health, good news regarding health


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