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Monthly Tarot Reading 2024

Monthly June tarot reading for Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐

Your overall energy is that of confusion, temptations and multiple choices. You will have to always make a choice between options and at times you may find it difficult to stay focused because there are other things or other people distracting you from your goal. Choose wisely. A cancer ♋ is going to be very significant for you this month.

1st half of the month will be busy and work focused. Mid month is going to be very social . You will be celebrating something . Getting together with friends and family. Happy times. Last part of the month there is a sudden shake up happening. Something out of the blue. But you will recover from this change or ending. Infact this is going to bring a wish fulfilment.


Monthly June Tarot Reading for Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑

Your overall energy is that of taking a break, pressing pause, feeling like you need some time off, letting go of things that are not in your control, healing, conflict or competition with others, looking at things from a different perspective. A Pisces ♓ is going to be very significant for you this month.

The first part of the month you might be a bit stressed, anxious, lot of overthinking, not sleeping well at night. Mid month, there is a new start, sowing the seeds of something new, small offer or apology coming in , starting a new job or business. End of the month there maybe something disappointing connected to a elderly person who you look up to ( Aries ♈) or a boss but you will get over this. You are asked to tap into your inner strength. You are reminded that you are strong and will cross over the challenges easily. Be bold and take bold steps ahead without fear. Universe message: SUCCESS



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