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Jupiter Transit Reading in Gemini (Rohini Nakshatram)

Jupiter is transiting in ( Gemini ♊) Rohini Nakshatram and is considered to bring significant changes in many signs . Let us look at how this will impact you and where you may see changes and where you should focus on to benefit from this period . This Transit period is from June 13th to August 20th

Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐ (Jupiter Transit period from 13th June to 20th August)

You are asked to tap into your inner strength during this Jupiter Transit period . This is a time for you to take bold steps ahead and not let your inner fears and doubts pull you down. The energy is that of new beginnings but action is needed. The universe wants you to embrace your true energy and be proactive in your approach. There is a lot of fame and success in store for you. There is a passionate new beginning. Your dreams and goals have more potential to be achieved during this time, be it in your career, relationships or general life. You will feel more energetic, passionate and enthusiastic during this phase, so don't let your past disappointments hold you back and create self doubt. This is a time for action and whatever you do now is bound to give you positive results, so get going! P.s.Another important message here is also to honour your feelings and emotions. Don't ignore your feelings and be more open and vulnerable with your emotions.

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑ ( Jupiter Transit period from 13th June to 20th August)

This period is bringing some big changes and transformation for you. Some of you have been expecting this change for a while now . There are some endings and new beginnings but think of it as a course correction. Anything that was stagnant is going to get a jolt . You will however move on from this with stability and rebuild whatever is lost. You will have the support of others around you. You will collaborate with different kinds of people at work or in your community. This is a period that encourages you to be patient, to plan carefully your next steps with the eye on the future. You may have to make some choices and decisions but don't be in a hurry. There is a new stable beginning coming towards you in the future but the groundwork for that is what the universe is preparing you for during this transition period. Make wise careful decisions. What you decide now will have an impact on your future

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊ ( Jupiter Transit period from 13th June to August 20th)

Anything that you are running away from or avoiding will be pushed to the surface and you will be forced to deal with it. No more self sabotage. If there are people working against you or trying to sabotage you those people will be exposed too. Know that karma is on your side and you are divinely protected. There is a legal situation that will go in your favour bringing you clarity and abundance. Be careful of your finances though. Try to save as much as possible. There is a sense of not having enough. Also pay attention to your inner fears causing a lack of self confidence that is inturn bringing you down. The universe assures you that there is a lot to look forward to so although there maybe some waiting period for you now, things will work out for you. Your rewards are coming in but this is a time for you to be patient and stay positive about the future

Pisces ♓ Cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏ (Jupiter Transit period from 13th June to 20th August)

You may find yourself in the midst of some drama. This could be at home or work . There are some negative energies around you, people who just demoralise you, talk behind your back etc. protect yourself and distance yourself from these people. You may decide to end a relationship with someone who is just jealous petty and negative and you are walking away.

For some others of you, there may be two choices in love - an Aries and a Taurus. You may have to choose between the two. You have a new beginning coming in , a lot to celebrate, a lot of socialising with friends and family. Singles may find a long term partner or decide to get married. Emotionally you will find a lot of emotional support from your friends and loved ones.


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