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May 2024 Monthly Tarot Reading

Monthly tarot reading for Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️

- your overall energy is that of forward movement, travel, success, communication, things that were stagnant earlier will pick up pace, a flurry of activity (you may get overwhelmed)

- ⁠healing from physically and emotionally. Wishes are coming true in May! Go with the flow of things. A magical month indeed

- ⁠you are very close to achieving your goals . Keep going and don’t stop now! Don’t get complacent

- ⁠you will achieve your material goals through your hard work. Pay attention to your inner self also. Know your worth and don’t undermine or underestimate yourself

- ⁠a motherly person is going to be significant ( your mother, wife , friend who is a mother or if you are a mother then this is you ) . Some of you may/ can conceive if you are trying for a baby

- ⁠end of a difficult cycle. You are finally releasing the past baggage. If you have been carrying a lot of work responsibilities, this is your cue to release and let go.

- also money is going to pour in ( this is money in bulk- insurance, inheritance, pending dues, tax refund, selling property maybe )

Monthly tarot reading for Taurus ♉️ Virgo ♍️ Capricorn ♑️

- your overall energy is that of rest, pause, healing, sacrifice, looking at things from a different perspective, letting go of the past, spiritual downloads

- ⁠you are learning to stand up for your self and drawing better boundaries with people. There is a energy of truth clarity and practical approach in your energy in May

- ⁠some challenges appear but nothing you cannot handle. The universe is going to give you the strength to deal with these but it only asks that you don’t give up standing up for what you believe in

- ⁠new beginnings in relationships, new friendships, new love relationships

- ⁠monetarily you will be feeling stable.

- ⁠you maybe a bit reserved. You may feel like isolating yourself from everyone. Students will do well. If you are planning to enrol in a new hobby or a course, this is a good time

- ⁠be careful of not using this isolation to run away from reality.

- ⁠also be careful of someone from your past who is coming towards you with a offer or a peace offering. They don’t have the right intentions

Aquarius ♒️ Libra ♎️ Gemini ♊️

- your overall energy is showing up as you not dealing with issues head on. A sense of duality. You want something but end up doing something different . Try to be true to your feelings

- ⁠a lot to celebrate this month. Some of you are buying a new home, moving to a new house, finding love, getting married, celebrating something with family and friends

- ⁠you are showing up as a bit cold and detached emotionally. You are in a very practical energy being very clear and curt

- ⁠you are leaving some difficult energies behind

- ⁠travel is on the cards

- ⁠work and relationships look very good

- ⁠balance your energy. Some of you are either overdoing or over giving or the other extreme. Balance is the key here for you

Monthly tarot reading for Pisces ♓️ Cancer ♋️ Scorpio ♏️

- your overall energy is that of going towards stable calmer waters and new beginnings or starting over

- ⁠be careful of people who are gossiping and create drama in your life. Walk away from such negativity

- ⁠you maybe reconnecting with people from your past ( including past friends, family, childhood friends etc)

- ⁠lot of intuitive downloads. Listen to your intuition

- ⁠work will be busy. You will be very focused on your goals.

- ⁠you may prefer to be aloof and not socialise much

- ⁠something in your life is being renewed. Something that you thought is over

- ⁠new beginnings . You need to do more research before you dive in

- ⁠healing and period of rest. Prioritise yourself

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