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Monthly July Tarot Reading

Aries ♈ leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐ 

July Monthly Tarot Reading 

- some of your closest relationships could go through some difficult moments, especially if you are dealing with a cancer ♋ or Gemini ♊. There maybe some stress anxiety and a lot of overthinking. This looks like a soulmate connection, a strong bond, be it between you and your partner, a friend, a sibling or a parent. 

- you will need to balance your relationships and career this month. You maybe taking up a lot of things together causing a lack of time or energy. Some of you may get some kind of a reality check from a person who maybe a friend or a well wisher. This person may tell you something that you don't like to hear but try not to let this effect your relationship 

- some of you may have a difference of opinion with a Libra or a Gemini. This is some one who is blunt, kind but won't hide the truth and is very straightforward. But I also see you trying to make amends with this person 

- you may also face some negativity or drama from the people around you - friends, family, colleagues. But you are going to get through this and go towards calmer waters. The advice here is to just walk away from drama or people who are just trying to trigger you in some way. It's not worth your time and energy 

- there could be some travel this month for you 

- some people at your work place are just petty and jealous. There maybe some clashes regarding work or money 

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑ 

July Monthly Tarot Reading 

- there is some heartbreak or disappointment that you are healing from. For some this is regarding a family situation or a marriage partner. Whatever this maybe you are healing and are at a crossroads about how to proceed, you are thinking and planning your future. Lot of decisions to be made

- there is something new coming in . Could be a financial offer or in relationships it is a stable offer. For some this could also be a business partnership. This looks like a small beginning but it is very stable.

- pay attention to your mental health 

- some of you are feeling stuck energetically but there is a new beginning coming. This looks more like a love or a emotional offer. Trust the process 

- listen to your intuition 

- don't let your fears block you from moving forward 

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊ 

- If you are married or want to get married to someone special, I see a wish fulfilment. If you are already married, a dream or something you have been waiting for a while now is coming true. This could have been a joint dream, something you and your partner both desired.

- there is a new opportunity coming in but don't be too reckless and adventurous. Don't take unnecessary risks

- some of you need to pay special attention to your mother or a motherly figure ( could be a family member or partner if she is a mother) . Nothing to worry but something is going to be revealed which may cause some stress and anxiety. It could also be a sudden fight which may cause some stress in the relationship 

- some of you have been planning strategising. This could be a opportunity you missed earlier and you have not been able to let go of this . You keep looking back and keep wondering if you could go back to that time. Stop! There is a slight obsession about this and it is time you let go and focus on your current situation and blessings. Especially true if you are a Capricorn ♑

- significant signs Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo ♍, Capricorn ♑, Aries ♈ 

Pisces ♓ cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏ 

July Monthly Tarot Reading 

- you need to remember that you are so capable that you can manifest anything you desire. So be careful of what you tell your self because I see a lot of negative thoughts and affirmations which also you are invariably manifesting. Think positive. There is a lot of abundance, fertility and good luck surrounding you. Work on your self confidence 

- some of you may face some disappointment with work. You have been working hard on something and expecting some rewards which may not be as expected. However there is a small offer coming in and you are asked to take a leap of faith towards it. This may not be what you expected but you will get results you expect in the future.

- if you are dealing with a fire sign Aries ♈ leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐ there are some baggage and burdens in this connection. There maybe some distance or seperation between the two of you but stay strong. These challenges are temporary and while you feel stuck and stagnant in this situation, this is the time to not give up. Focus on yourself and do whatever makes you happy, pursue your personal goals and heal from this situation. These challenges will pass after some time 


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