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The week ahead in Tarot - 8th June 2024

Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐ A glimpse of what's coming next week

- next week is bringing slow progress, focus on work, stability but don't expect sudden immediate results

- relationships will be good, romantic moments with your partner, equal give and take

- clarity, communication, breakthroughs in stagnant situations, new opportunities

- universe message: choose a new direction

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑ A glimpse of what's coming next week

- you have 77 or just 7 which may be an important number or significant for you

- you have been waiting for something or someone. You are asked to be a bit more patient with your approach . whatever you are expecting will come but at the right time

- there are some challenges and blocks but don't give up the fight and stand up for what you believe in . You are going to win in the end

- I see positive news coming in by the end of week. This is probably what you have been waiting for. It may not be significant but definitely a small beginning indicating better things are coming in the future.

- universe message : REMAIN POSITIVE

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊ A glimpse of what's coming next week

- financially a good time

- socially you may just prefer being reclusive or isolated

- good time for students or for learning something new or for doing research

- minor friction, petty fights, gossip about you, be careful of jealousy and negativity around you

- universe message: FORGIVENESS

Pisces ♓ Cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏

- confusion, temptations, mental fog, having multiple options etc are all causing an imbalance in your energy

- challenges and blocks making you feel like things are coming to an end in a situation at work or a relationship. A feeling of betrayal

- there is a heartbreak and a feeling of being at a crossroads about how you proceed and how to heal from this ending.

- universe message: COMPROMISE


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