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Weekly Tarot Reading - 17th - 23rd June 2024

Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Sagittarius ♐

Weekly Tarot Messages

- a lot of small offers, opportunities, new beginnings, messages

- you are about to begin something new and exciting (relationship, travel or work)

- good week for research and learning something new

- you may be a bit isolated and aloof from all, preferring to be by yourself

- things could get a bit overwhelming with a lot of things happening at once but try to go with the flow

- incoming communication

- success, travel, forward movement

- exciting times ahead

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑

- feeling blocked/challenged to move forward. Stand up for what you believe. This will pass

- recognition, success and fame coming your way

- something is being renewed for you this week. Go with the flow and release judgements of yourself and others

- be careful. Something happening behind your back which you may not be aware of. Don't trust anyone blindly

- you may be running away from some truth

- be practical in your approach this week . Take help of a lawyer, counselor or a professional who can help you with your problems.

- be clear with your communication and thoughts

- a Pisces cancer Scorpio may be significant to you this week

Aquarius ♒ Libra ♎ Gemini ♊

Weekly Tarot Messages

- an emotional offer or message coming in

- don't run away from your feelings. It is ok to accept your feelings and deal with it

- you may have to make a decision between 2 choices. Listen to your intuition on this one

- a very emotionally fulfilling week especially when it comes to your closest relationships

- a wish fulfilment. Feeling relaxed and peaceful

- a week of being strong and taking bold steps. Tap into your inner strength

Pisces ♓ cancer ♋ Scorpio ♏

Weekly Tarot Messages

- a good week for family, friendship and romantic relationships

- emotionally you may feel vulnerable

- don't let your fears take control of you

- there is clarity and insights coming in along with breakthroughs and communication

- work is going to be busy but stable

- you will try to be aloof, prefer your own company

- balance and healing, going with the flow

- an Aries maybe significant or this could be someone older to you, like a older family member


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