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23rd April 2024

Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️

- there is a lot going on below the surface. You are clouded by illusions, fear, sadness. You are going through a lot within but hiding your true feelings from the world. Know that what you are going through is something you don’t have to go through alone. Some of the illusions may break if you choose to share your fears and thoughts with others. Let others help you

- ⁠your mother maybe of significance at this time

- ⁠you may feel stagnant but you need to realise that the key to this is in your hands. Change your perspective and you will find a solution. Let go of whatever is holding you back

- ⁠a time of deep healing

- ⁠Cancer ♋️and Pisces ♓️ are going to be significant signs for you

Taurus ♉️ Virgo ♍️ Capricorn ♑️

- 99 is significant or just the number 9

- ⁠9 represents fortune and is considered lucky in many cultures

- ⁠99 signifies love kindness and compassion for others and yourself

- ⁠you maybe taking too much stress and getting anxious about issues beyond your control. Ground yourself and try to balance your energy. Some of your problems are manifestations of your own negative thoughts so try to calm down and not overthink

- ⁠money looks good. You will have enough for yourself and be very comfortable financially

- ⁠be independent in your thoughts as well

Aquarius ♒️ Libra ♎️ Gemini ♊️

- it is time for you to release some baggage that you have been carrying. This could be guilt, responsibilities, work load, relationship problems etc. let go of the burdens. Some of you have been taking on other peoples work on yourself. Let go.

- ⁠end of a difficult cycle and beginning of something new

- ⁠you are going to be very focused on sharpening your skills or very focused on improving something in your life. Busy times ahead. You may not have enough time for socialising

Pisces ♓️ Cancer ♋️ Scorpio ♏️

- you may feel blocked or challenged by circumstances but don’t give up. Keep fighting for your beliefs and ideas . Protect your work . You will succeed in the end

- ⁠Aquarius maybe significant

- ⁠you may feel a bit emotionally detached and distant from someone or this could be someone detached from you

- ⁠you maybe consulting a doctor or counsellor or a lawyer at this time

- ⁠some of you are going through a legal situation and you will receive some judgment regarding this case

- ⁠something is being renewed in your life

- ⁠there is a final decision being made on a situation in your life

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